31 março, 2010

Big Bang

Apesar da pouca relevância, foi por conta disso que eu vim parar na blogosfera...

"In his breathtaking high-wire act of ventriloquism, Jerome Charyn pulls off the nearly impossible: in the THE SECRET LIFE OF EMILY DICKINSON he imagines an Emily Dickinson of mischievousness, brilliance, desire, and wit (all of which she possessed) and then boldly sets her amid a throng of historical, fictional, and surprising characters just as hard to forget as she is. This is a bold book, but we'd expect no less of this amazing novelist."

Brenda Wineapple; Author of "White Heat: The Friendship of Emily Dickinson and Thomas Wentworth Higginson"

From Publishers Weekly
The inner life of Emily Dickinson was creatively effulgent, psychologically pained and emotionally ambivalent, as reported by Charyn, who here inhabits the mind of one of America's most famous poets. Charyn parrots the cadent voice of razor-sharp Dickinson, beginning in her years as the tempestuous young lyricist who aims to choose my words like a rapier that can scratch deep into the skin.

From the first page, witty Emily harbors conflicted feelings toward her female status: her esteemed father, the town's preeminent lawyer, adores Emily at home for her intellectual companionship, but also dismisses her formal education as a waste of money & a waste of time, and it's easy to see how Emily's poetic instincts are born from the shifting sensations of comfort and resentment brought by a childhood spent serenading Father with my tiny Tambourine. Emily's growth is brightly drawn as she progresses from petulant child to a passionate woman with a ferocious will and finally to that notorious recluse. However, while this vivid impersonation is a stylistic achievement, it's also confining and limits higher revelations.

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Liliane disse...

Clara, vai ser legal acompanhar você por aqui. A gente
tá torcendo muito.

Duda disse...

Eu sabia que você não iria aderir.
Tô tomando coragem. Ah, tava vendo umas fotos das últimas férias juntas e não tem uma que você não esteja de pijama.

Clara Tribst disse...

Legal vai ser ter vocês por aqui. Bjs

Aderi mesmo e acho que vou gostar.
Pf, me manda essas fotos

Um beijo e um queijo pra vcs duas.